REVIEW: In a year dominated by hip hop, Noname’s Telefone emerges as one of the best



Telefone is a profoundly optimistic album filled with organic rhythms and cohesive storytelling.

Noname, formerly known as Noname Gypsy, delivers her music through a monotonous but silky smooth voice that is unequivocally confident. On Telefone, She describes her universe with poignant references to the highs and lows of urban life, while always maintaining an inspired and hopeful outlook. In her superstitious ways, Noname immortalizes everything around her with joyous and celebratory sounds.

Sunny Duet & Diddy Bop (tracks 2 & 3 respectively) stand out for their breezy soulfulness with Noname flexing her vocal ingenuity. All I need and Bye Bye Baby are two other great tracks. All I need has the best lyric on the album – “I need a n- to follow me to the rabbit hole and fall in where I fall in, I’m ballin’.” It’s playful quips like this that make her minimalist approach feel so much greater.

Listen to Telefone here: