Frozen: Das Racist’s mixtapes

Das Racist might be the best joke/art hiphop ever. And it’s because their Hindi-influenced electronic production is actually really dope, and the things they say are hilariously articulate and subtly political. Heems and Kool A.D. don’t actually make music together anymore, but they have carved out a place in alternative humor music history. If you’re looking for trippy, funny, out-of-left-field hip hop that borders on absurdism – these guys based out of Brooklyn, NY are worth checking out. They’re innovators for penning slapstick hooks like “people in street eating chicken and meat, people eating bacon all across the nation.” Don’t take them too seriously – but just enough to get on their level. Sit Down, Man and Shut Up, Dude are their two mixtapes worth downloading. Yes downloading, since their music isn’t on Spotify or Apple Music.

Rapping 2 U is one of their more conventional offerings, with an infectious sample and a gradual progression of verses that get weirder and weirder, with lines like: “young Obama mommy, but not illuminati, yet they’re tryna gauge if I’m tame enough to be their commie pet.”

Das Racist – Rapping 2 U (ft. Lakutis)  – download


Other songs worth checking out: Hugo Chavez, Don Dada, I don’t Want to Deal with those Monsters, & Who’s That? Brooown!, You Oughta Know, Chicken and Meat