Cardi B and Bernie Sanders Meet to Discuss the Future of America

Bronx-born female rapper Cardi B (26) and Vermont senator Bernie Sanders (77) sat down earlier this week in Detroit to talk politics. The two New York natives appear to share a lot of mutual opinions on topics like economic equality, climate change, and healthcare, which they discussed in their meeting. Recent exchanges of compliments extend beyond this one sit-down; their support for each other suggests the relationship might play a bigger part of Bernie’s 2020 presidential campaign.

On July 16, Cardi B tweeted that she’s ‘sad how we let [Sanders] down in 2016.’ This could be a reference to the lack of voter support he received or to the Democratic National Committee’s favoritism toward Hilary Clinton. Or both. Either way, it looks like Cardi B is using Sanders’s 2016 defeat as motivation to spread his campaign message this time around. Following her meeting with Sanders, she posted the following to her Instagram: “Not me, US. Thank you Senator Bernie Sanders for sitting with me and sharing your plans on how you will change this country.”

‘Not me. Us’ is Bernie’s slogan for 2020. He told Jimmy Kimmel that he’s spoken to Cardi B previously a couple times before their meeting, and that ‘she is deeply concerned about what’s happening in this country.’ Safe to say they’re both concerned. Also safe to say that Cardi B can help the older senator reach and energize young voters, which is crucial for a campaign that’s not about either of these two public figures, but rather supposedly about ‘Us.’ 🍑

See what they had to say post-meeting below:

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