The Weeknd’s After Hours is a Tragedy

Despite short-lived attempts to come clean, The Weeknd succumbs to his salacious and corrupted fate on ‘After Hours.’ The album, a tragedy, powerfully showcases the cyclical nature of addiction to the fast life’s triumvirate (sex, love, drugs), through ecstatic highs and dangerous lows.

The king of nocturnal alternative r&b returns to dark themes, cloaked in various outfits. He transitions from intimate r&b to druggy and defiant soultrap to 80’s-esque dance floor anthems.

The back-to-back-to-back Metro Boomin produced tracks halfway through the album provide a blood-pumping and lustful climax, showcasing The Weeknd’s top shelf version of soulful trap music.

Altogether, this concept album is maybe his best since Trilogy, and puts The Weeknd back at the forefront of contemporary r&b 🍑