Tyler, the Creator – IGOR


If Flower Boy was Tyler, the Creator’s big musical pivot, IGOR is him hitting his post-rap stride. The album is all about soulful production built around centerpiece melodies, helium-voice crooning and sonic heartbreak.

Like his past albums, ‘IGOR’ is titled after a character who comes alive throughout the album. Here, IGOR is a confused and volatile romantic coping with the end of a relationship. Is IGOR a stage in the evolving character arc of Bastard, Goblin, Wolf, and Flower Boy – or an entirely different creation? It’s probably a bit of both.

In an Instagram post prefacing the album drop, Tyler implored his fans to approach the album with open minds: “don’t go into this expecting any album.” He doesn’t want you to be distracted either – let yourself fully indulge from front to back. Whereas earlier OFWGKTA albums were the epitome of rebellion, IGOR asks fans for etiquette and even comes with some loose listening rules.

Free from needing shock value to make a splash, Tyler can just make music now, and it’s led to his most commercially successful album yet 🍑